Parish History-After Fr Gerry

The Presbytery was designed by Mr Tony Rossi of Norwich, and was only half-built when Fr Langley moved to Langley (Berks): he had spent his last years back in the stables where the Priests first lived, for Ivy House had been found too damp to be worth repairing and was demolished. Fr Nightingale was the first priest to live in the new Presbytery.

 window 8And 40+ years later the Church is still in fine shape: not perhaps an architectural gem from the exterior. But inside it is full of light, space and prayerfulness, especially after the re-ordering of the Sanctuary (completed in 1976 by Fr Tony Sketch), and the placing of a stained glass window of the Annunciation, designed by Alan Barlow a Parishioner, in the Roundel window. At the same time as this was done, by Fr Trevor Richardson, the spacious Narthex was created out of a group of small dark spaces. A further improvement, this time to the porch, is planned for later in 2003.

For 65 years of its existence, the Mission and subsequently the Parish of our Lady of Pity, was within the Diocese of Northampton. But in 1976 the Diocese of East Anglia was created, to include the Counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk with the Unitary Authority of Peterborough. Since then it has had three Bishops. The first was Bishop Alan Clark who had previously been responsible for Norfolk as Bishop of Elmham, when he was auxiliary to the Bishop of Northampton. He resigned in 1996 having reached 75 years of age. Bishop Peter Smith replaced him, having been rdained in the Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist in Norwich as our second Bishop, until in 2001 he was moved to become Archbishop of Cardiff. After a long wait for a new appointment, on March 19th 2003 Bishop Michael Evans was ordained as our third Bishop. He died peacefully on 11 July 2011 after a long illness. He was succeeded by Bishop Alan Hopes who was appointed Bishop of East Anglia in June 2013.