Catholic Life

  • "Suffer Little Children to come to me"
    Child Protection Officer
    All activities in the Parish which in any way involve children are run in accordance with the Child Protection Policy of the Catholic Church in England (known as COPCA), of which the Diocese of East Anglia is a party.
    In our parish this is organised by our Parish Representative.

  • Flower arrangers
    A group of ladies arrange the flowers in Church on a rota basis - two weeks ‘on’ and then a long spell ‘off’

  • Welcomers & collection takers

  • Parish Magazine

  • Quiet Day Organiser

  • Walsingham Association

  • Gardeners

  • Librarian

  • Village Reps
    Apart from the town of Swaffham, the Parish consists of the surrounding countryside in a radius of 8 - 12 miles, and includes about 10 villages.
    Village Representatives have been appointed to be the Parish Priest's 'eyes and ears' in these communities, by letting him know of new Catholic residents, of parishioners who become housebound or who go into hospital, or of any other matter which they think would be of help to him. It is hoped that in time they will suggest dates and venues for Village Community House Masses every six to eight months.

  • Sunday Coffee Team