The Sunday Offertory collection is the main source of income for the Parish, including the maintenance of the Parish Priest.
Parishioners are asked to consider carefully the amount they give, relating their donation to their other expenses, to ensure that the proportion is just.
In addition, parishioners who are tax payers are asked urgently to consider signing a GIFT AID form. In doing this, no obligation is placed on the donor, but the Parish thereby has the right to reclaim the tax already paid by the signatory.

  • The Finance Committee (appointed by the Parish Priest)
    Under Canon Law each Parish is obliged to have a Finance Committee ‘to help the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish’. Its deliberations are advisory, and its members are appointed by the Parish Priest.

  • The Petals
    are a group of ladies who meet together on the second Monday of every even month at 2.00 pm in Parish Room, and from time to time arrange social events in order to support the Parish and other charitable works. In recent times they have support Fr Joseph's mission in India. Fr Joseph spent some time in the Parish when he was studying in the UK Fr Michael has long been connected with Let the Children Live! which works to rescue street children in Colombia and to prevent others from becoming street children. They have raised funds for this cause, Any ladies in the Parish are welcome to join this Group.

  • Supporters
    Those who contribute to the parish in various ways

  • Other Fund Raisers